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Otherwise known as “Hard Money” or the lender of last resort, private equity loans became a popular option these last few years.  The rates are much higher and the cost of the loan can be very expensive but when an investor factors in the cost of the loan and the investment returns, it makes sense for them.   Since the loan is mostly based on the borrower having either a high down payment or substantial equity in the property, the risk to the lender is diminished, hence the less stringent underwriting process.  Usually private loans are for investment properties only.  At Metro Fund, we can usually find a solution for a primary home that is not a hard private loan.


We offer programs with limited documentation, NO proof of funds, NO income taxes, NO minimum credit scores. 


Typical program Highlights


Up to 65% LTV on purchases and refinances

Rates in the 9’s up to 12’s. 

One, two and 3 year loans available.

We lend on all types of properties including Single Family Homes, Townhouses, Condos and Condotels, commercial including retail centers, buildings and warehouses. 


Fix and Flippers

  • Up to 90% acquisition cost and ARV up to 75%

  • Financing up to 90% of the construction budget

  • Interest reserve available

  • Escrow hold-backs if needed


Mortgage Brokers Welcomed.

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