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Looking to grow your career as a Loan Officer?  Whether you are a seasoned loan officer or starting new, Metro Fund Inc. is the right place for you to take your career to the next level.


  • Are you tired of working for the franchise lenders that only offer conventional loans? 

  • Are you tired of losing to banks and independent mortgage companies because of your padded rates?

  • Are you stuck in limbo when you need access to private loans, commercial loans, foreign national loans and construction loans because your franchise shop doesn’t offer them? 


The truth is that those franchise business models will either have to adapt or be fazed out of the market.  How can you run a business when you only offer some of the loans available in the market?  Come see what an independent shop can do for your business.  Don’t be spooked by the played out line that we are brokers and not direct lenders.  Today that line does not hold water anymore.  We offer better rates and much faster than direct lenders.  Brokering gives you options a single entity lender does not have yet we have the same controls direct lenders have.   There is no advantage anymore to an in-house lender with today’s technologies.  In fact only having one lender option is limiting.  This is why a franchise lender may deny a Fannie Mae loan and we’ll turn around and close that same loan with Fannie Mae because we don’t have overlays.  We have several options for lenders with niches such as FHA credit scores under 600 and manually underwritten files. 


We have great loan compensation plans that pay you well and also keep you in line with today’s average daily rates.  No more losing to lower rates.  We compete against the big banks while still giving you a great compensation plan.   


Call us to see if Metro Fund Inc. is a good fit for you!

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