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One of the reasons for the real estate crash of the late 2000’s was because of risky subprime loans.  The original intention of these loans was for those who did not quite meet the conventional guidelines but were still deemed good borrowers.  Lenders were willing to take the risk for higher rates and fees.  As the market grew, the guidelines to get approved for these loans softened and more and more people who really should not have been approved for a loan, did and along with other factors, the bubble burst and the subprime market completely collapsed.


For the last few years if a borrower did not meet Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac or FHA guidelines, there were little options except private “hard” equity loans.  Today, that gap left open by the subprime market has begun to open again with common sense guidelines by newly re-branded Non-Prime or Non-QM lenders.


At Metro Fund, we are ahead of the game in offering a wide array of non-prime loans.  A few examples of these programs are:


  • Loans with recent foreclosures, short sales and bankruptcies

  • Bank statement deposit averages used as income in lieu of tax returns

  • Credit scores as low as 500 and LTV’s up to 90%

  • Interest only payments

  • Self-employed programs

  • Foreign National programs


If you’ve been turned down by your local bank because you did not meet traditional guidelines, a Non-Prime loan may be exactly what you need.  The “Apply Now” button is below.

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