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Jumbo loans are loans over $453,100.  Many lenders underwrite these loans with the same guidelines as conventional loans but even stricter.  At Metro Fund, we offer conventional jumbo loans but we also offer non-conventional portfolio jumbo loans.  What this means is that the investor will not be selling these loans in the secondary market and will keep them and service them in-house.  This allows the investor to create guidelines that may cater to those that do not meet traditional conventional guidelines while at the same time, meeting their risk tolerances.  At Metro Fund, we specialize in finding those niche jumbo loans.  As the home prices continue to rise, jumbo loans are becoming more in demand.


Highlights of Jumbo Programs

  • Up  to 90% LTV

  • Non-Prime Loans available

  • Credit Scores down in the 500’s

  • No MI Programs

  • Available as ARMS and 30 Year fixed Programs

  • For Primaries and Investment Properties

  • Foreign National Programs Available

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