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Whether you are applying for a conventional, non-prime, private or commercial loan, our application system will only ask basic information we will need to make an educated decision of what loan best suits you.  Please note that we will not share your information with anyone else unless you give us permission to do so.  We will not pull your credit unless you give us permission.  Our application system is only for us and does not tie you in to any loan or commitment.  After your information enters our system, we will contact you whether by phone or email to discuss your case.  Having the bulk of the general information in the system will help us get you a faster reply.  Every scenario is different and we’ve seen it all which makes it easier for us to come up with creative solutions to your specific case.  Don’t worry if you have had financial issues in the past that has prevented you from getting a loan.  At worst case, we will advise you what you need to do to get approved in the near future if you can’t do so today.  Also note that if you are an excellent borrower, you will get the best loan available to you in the market by using Metro Fund.  Many times we are better and faster than your local bank. 


Please see the link below and start your loan preapproval process today!

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