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Different international currency bills


South Florida draws many international real estate buyers for either second homes or investment properties.  Metro Fund has 3 different types of Foreign National Loans:


Local Bank Programs - Metro Fund has a working relationship with many local banks that specialize in foreign national loans.  Usually these are the best rates in town for foreigners but they do require opening up a banking relationship, pledge reserves at the bank and pass a rather rigorous underwriting process.


Non-Prime loans - Metro Fund is affiliated with foreign national lenders that lend to foreigners with less stringent guidelines.  Though the rates and fees are higher than local banks, there are no bank account requirements and no reserve requirements.  Underwriting guidelines tend to be less cumbersome than local banks.  Usually this is a great option for those that are making income in both their country and in the United States.


Private Equity Loans - Otherwise known as “Hard Money” or the lender of last resort, private equity loans became a popular option the last few years.  The rates are much higher and the cost of the loan can be very expensive but when an investor factors in the cost of the loan and the investment returns, it make can sense for them.  The fact that underwriting guidelines tend to be less stringent, this makes these loans easy for foreign investors to access.  Metro Fund has access to many different investors that offer these loans.

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